Collagen Face Care Combo

This Collagen face care range consists of 3 products in total. 1 premium collagen powder valued at R399, which firms the skin from inside. 1 collagen face wash valued at (R499) which cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells, and 1 collagen serum (R599) which moisturises the skin. These three products working together will reduce wrinkles, reduce dark spots and pigmentation marks.

The premium collagen powder works from within the skin and body to firm, repair and brighten your skin. The collagen face wash and the collagen moisturising serum works from the outside to deep clean and moisturise your skin. This combination of internal and external treatment is what makes this combo so effective and popular. Ordinary face creams treat the skin from the outside only and often does not penetrate the skin to repair the deep ingrained blemishes and pigmentation marks. These are all Premium brand products.